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Under EU law, service providers established in a Member State have the right to offer their services to recipients residing in other Member States, on a temporary basis and without the duty to settle in the country where they intend to offer their service.

This section contains information on the free provision of cross-border services and provides the form to be to be submitted by professionals established in other Member States to make the necessary prior declaration in order to lawfully provide their services in Italy.

Within one month of receipt of the complete declaration (possibly to be completed with additional information if requested), this Authority will notify the applicant of the outcome of the assessment of the transmitted declaration. After notification of acceptance by the Authority, or after one month has elapsed with no notice from the Authority, the applicant is allowed to pursue his/her professional activity. The declaration has an annual period of validity.

This section also contains an updated list of service providers who have submitted the prior declaration, together with the outcome on the suitability to pursue the professional activity in Italy. The list also indicates the period of validity of the declaration, the service provider’s professional activity and the Member State of origin.

For statistical purposes only, the occasional services of real estate agents authorised through the European Professional Card (EPC), are also included in the list. To verify the official list of real estate agents providing occasional services and holding the European Professional Card, please refer to the dedicated page on the EU portal.


With reference to the temporary and occasional provision of services as patent agent, see the dedicated section on the UIBM website containing instructions and links for submitting online the application.

In accordance with the provision prohibiting public administrations from receiving paper applications from 1 January 2017, users are allowed to fill in the following forms online without downloading it. The new electronic forms have replaced the previous paper forms from 16 August 2018.





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