, Reasoned Vademecum of Development Incentives

Tuesday, 02 April 2019

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SMEs are the backbone of Italy. The Italian production system represents an exceptional case throughout Europe. It is made of a multitude of small and medium enterprises which, during the crisis, have been able to withstand, use creativity, innovation and technology, lifting the Country out of stagnation and creating countless jobs.

The Reasoned Handbook on Incentives "" (pdf) - made available by the public administration - is a short document in which entrepreneurs may find the right incentive for their real needs, their local area or their company’s size. The incentives relate to the start-up of a new enterprise, investments in innovation, growth, strengthening of assets, investments in machinery, plants and software, internationalisation, investments in training, research and development, in energy efficiency, in new recruitment, as well as to tax relief. Not least, the innovatory incentive relating to the basic income for citizens.

Download the Handobook (pdf, English version)

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