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Strong and friendly relationship

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Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti welcomed Lithuanian Minister of Energy Dainius Kreivys in Palazzo Piacentini.

During the meeting, the two ministers pointed out the importance of the strong and friendly relationship between their respective countries, discussing several issues with the aim of maintaining and increasing cooperation, also in consideration of a difficult and fast-evolving international scenario related to the conflict in Ukraine.

Among other topics, great attention has been given to the need to foster synergies at European level on promoting strategic investments, in order to guarantee energy security and the supply of essential raw materials for industrial production, ensuring operational continuity to European strategic value chains.

Giorgetti also insisted on the importance of a realistic and pragmatic approach towards energy transition, taking into account the specific challenges that it poses to some key industrial sectors such as the automotive sector.

The Ministers also agreed to encourage the strengthening of partnerships and collaboration between Italian companies and research institutes and the Lithuanian economic and industrial system, in order to seize more investment opportunities within the framework of the Recovery fund, also through the development of new IPCEI in the fields of renewable energy sources and new technologies.


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