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The exhibition has been extended until April 1st

Items on display at the exhibition

Great success of the exhibition “Italia Geniale”, hosted since February 14th in the hall of Palazzo Piacentini, main seat of the Ministry of Economic Development.

The exhibit is the first of a series of initiatives aimed to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the palace.

Visitors will be guided through a journey into the history of the Italian industrial design and will be offered the unique opportunity to better understand the skills and the genius that gave birth to each one of the 66 iconic items, now on display, that were originally registered at the Italian Bureau of Brands and Patents.

Following an extremely positive response from the public - over 6000 visitors in just three weekends- the exhibit, realized in cooperation with ADI and Unioncamere, has been extended until April 1st.

Opening hours: Wednesday 14.30-17.30, Friday 17-20, Saturday and Sunday 10-21.

Reservation required at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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