Temporary frequencies use

Temporary use of frequencies - Authorization request for G7 2017

Please note that all radio devices have to be checked before being used in the operating areas. Technical Officers will control their compliance with technical standards, the possession of temporary authorisations and the conformity of set frequencies to the issued authorization. Devices will be labelled with an appropriate sticker certifying their suitability for admission.


Temporary electronic communication networks and services

For operating temporary electronic communication networks and services (private use frequencies) for a period of less than one year, Italian Law foresees the granting of the following temporary authorizations:

  • Temporary General Authorization with assignment of specific individual rights to use frequencies
  • Temporary General Authorization for the use, on unlicensed bands, of low-power and/or short-range devices (for example wireless microphones) complying with CEPT ERC/REC recommendation 70-03 -Annex 10 - granted after technical evaluation.


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Procedures to achieve temporary authorisations for SNG

Companies wishing to operate SNG - Satellite News Gathering network and/or communication services must comply with the below specified.

An SNG station can not operate at a distance from airport less than specified in the directive ERC/DEC/(06)03.

A Company applying for communication service only, must submit a copy of the network authorisation which they will use, achieved in countries of EU, EEA, and send it with annex 2, event form  to the e-mail com.scer.tempsng@mise.gov.it.



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