Submarine networks: the infrastructure of a global connection

Thursday, 16 September 2021

Webinar organized by the Ministry of Economic Development under the aegis of G20 Italian Presidency 2021

Video editing by GARR Consortium. All the speeches and presentations are available on GARR TV.


4th August 2021

Our society is largely dependent on subsea infrastructures. Over 1.3 million kilometres of submarine cables cross the world and make global connections happen: about 97% of international data traffic is carried over a constantly evolving network of more than 400 undersea fiber-cables.

This physical infrastructure underpins Internet and online services and activities, and we all rely on its security and resilience.Therefore, we will discuss the main opportunities and challenges linked to the growth and transformation of the submarine cable networks. Experts from both the academic environment and industry will explore different perspectives: economic and social value of projects, emerging technologies, international research and cooperation, protection and security of cables, in the light of the present international law framework.

The webinar is organized by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, under the aegis of G20 Italian Presidency 2021, and back-to-back with the G20 Digital Ministers’ Meeting that will take place in Trieste, 5th August.

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