Trilateral cooperation between Italy, France and Germany for Industry 4.0

What is it?

Since March 2017, France, Germany and Italy have initiated trilateral cooperation to promote the digitisation of the manufacturing sector and to support the European Union's efforts in this area.

The cooperation brings together the implementing bodies of the national strategies for Industry 4.0  -Plattform Industrie 4.0 for Germany, Alliance Industrie du Futur for France, and the Piano Impresa 4.0 for Italy, which signed a joint roadmap in Turin on 20 June 2017.

A "Steering Committee" , composed of six members from each country and chaired by the three Directors General of the Industry Departments of the Ministries of Economy, coordinates the initiative.

Three working groups (WG), composed of institutional, scientific and industrial representatives, report to the committee:

  • WG1 -Standardisation
    Lead: Plattform Industrie 4.0 (Germany)
    Goal: to identify relevant technical standards for the digitization of manufacturing, and to propose forms of harmonization of the regulatory framework.
  • WG2 -SMEs Engagement and testbeds
    Lead: Piano Impresa 4.0 (Italy)
    Goal: Supporting the digitization process of SMEs, by mapping, promoting and networking relevant use cases for I4.0 technologies in the three countries.
  • WG3 -European-level policies supporting group
    Lead: Alliance Industrie du Futur (France)
    Goal: to exchange best practices in policy programmes and related implementing measures, and to develop coordinated positions in international forums, with particular reference to EU bodies.


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