National Industry 4.0 Plan

Innovation is a great opportunity. Thanks to the National Industry 4.0 Plan Italian companies can now choose from a wide range of measures to help them win the challenge set by the digital revolution.

The Plan is an opportunity

  • for a smart and innovative industry
  • for an even more competitive Made in Italy
  • to be future ready

Key Points

  • a public investment of about 20 billion euros
  • a super and hyper amortisation of 140% and 250%
  • a 50% tax credit on R&D investments
  • incentives on investments in start-ups and innovative small businesses





Text version (pdf, 482 kb) and Guide (pdf, 11 Mb)


For further information

Promotional video (YouTube)

The Plan (pdf, 2 Mb)

Piano Industria 4.0 (in Italian)

France, Germany and Italy join forces to promote digitising manufacturing - Press release, 20 June 2017 (pdf, 682 kb)



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